September 14th, 2016


Have you ever thought about offering you clients  the traditional 5 piece wooden door re-engineered combined with the advantages of the most sophisticated technologies in the market?

Lioher, the  leading company in modular furniture in the USA, has already done it!

Meet the CAVA DOORS., the new Luxury Vintage  Kitchen concept that has a full range of advantages:

The Cava Doors feature an European exclusive design,  Real natural wood texture  and the most trendy colour palette.

A product which is 100% hand made in USA,  the Cava Doors is also Offered in Zenit Matt , the most Advanced Technology in matt lacquered surface.

ZENIT MATT… the most advanced technology in matt lacquered surfaced now in 5 pieces doors


One of the New Cava 5 pieces Doors in frappe tone
One of the New Cava 5 pieces Doors in Murati finishing
Stunning white Zenit Finishing


Capture of the Luxury White Vintage Kitchen Concept developed by Lioher.
Where tradition and sophistication meets.
Very Traditional Setup with The ree-nginnered cava Doors by Lioher


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