Lioher digital_0004_EVC035-Cerrado-Final Luxe Digital Collection
October 21st, 2016

Luxe Digital Collection

Luxe Digital Collection is one of the most iconical Collections Lioher has launched recently.

A curated collection of Digital Prints featuring contemporary motives such as pebble stones, soft flowers, tropical greens or textured patterns.

Lioher offers you a large variety of attractive and cutting edge designs carefully selected by our designers to match any Luxe Color range.

With This collection we want to help your projects giving them a unique Contemporary look.  This is a Special collection that gives a fresh look to open spaces, halls, offices or even modern kitchens.

Lioher 03-sample-GALERIA-digital-300x300 Luxe Digital Collection
Digital Print on a Closet
Lioher lioher-digital-print-300x300 Luxe Digital Collection
Hotel Reception with Pebble digital print.
Lioher lioher-digital-print1-300x300 Luxe Digital Collection
Modern Space with Tropical digital print
Lioher lioher-digital-print2-300x300 Luxe Digital Collection
Toom in to tropical digital print
Lioher lioher-digital-print4-300x300 Luxe Digital Collection
Detail of digital print.

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