Lioher 20161213_110419_002-e1482179656623 Meet the new signing of Lioher Team. Matias Cobo
January 10th, 2017

Meet the new signing of Lioher Team. Matias Cobo

Lioher family is growing and our team become stronger thanks to people like Matías. 34 year old spanish engineer, Matias is the New industrial director at Lioher West Coast. Setting up new Machinery and organizing the Factory structure is one of Matias main dutties.

” I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of this project, being part of a company that keeps growing everyday makes me feel confident in my work and happy to grow with Lioher”. Matías claims.

Matías has recently moved from Andalucía, Spain, where he was working with Alvic Group to start this new adevnture with us: “We are a big family and despite being away from my country, they make me feel like home” the engineer says.

Thanks Matias for bringing your talent to Lioher hope we all together succeed in the same path.


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