September 21st, 2016

The New Oriental

Lioher just came up with something Great and New
Have you ever wondered What if..?
  • Marble was Lighter?
  • Marble wasn’t so fragile and didn’t break on instalation?
  • Marble was Cheaper?
Stop wondering around and check out our new range of Marble effect products, straight from the best european designers and with all the contemporary technologies,   The New  ORIENTAL  is a breath-taking revolutionary product with detailed Marble surfaces in different finishings and colors:
  • Enjoy our  Luxe high gloss, Zenit supermatt and syncron texture.
  • Panels have never been so elegant with our Black and White combination.

Call us today to find out more about the orientals  and be the first one to offer this revolutionary concept in the market.

 or visit our website
Lioher lioher-pictures-300x300 The New Oriental
The New ORIENTAL in Black Luxe High gloss

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