Our Satisfied Client Juan Padron
May 5th, 2017


When We start working with a new client, one of the first things we consider is how can he grow his business with us.

Juan Padron is the head of  J P Kitchen Refacing Corp. a custom cabinet builder company located in Pembroke Pines. They have the flexibility to make any size or style cabinet to fill your needs. If you already have an idea, their designers will help you create your dream kitchen with the finest finishings.

As many Cabinetry professionals, they have specialized in wooden cabinetry for many years but lets face it,  the Kitchen cabinetry industry is changing into a more contemporary and modern style with more fine silhouettes.

Juan Padron is working along with  Lioher to fill that gap in the market:

– “Luxe is turning into one of our core products due to its outstanding features”

-” Luxe just works perfect as a material, It is resistant, anti-scratch, and gives a luxury look to any space” –

From Lioher we think It is important to be ready for your client needs, that’s why, as we did with Mr. Padron, We invite you to have a look at our website, visit our showroom or give us a call to find out more about our product, We are giving you the opportunity to grow your business with us and together build the greatest kitchen in America.

Modern kitchen from Jp Kitchen using Lioher Materials.
Modern Kitchen renovated by Juan Padron, using Materials from Lioher
Modern Kitchen renovated by Juan Padron, using Luxe cabinetry from Lioher
Modern Contemporary kitchen using materials from Lioher

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