October 21st, 2015

Successful training program at Lioher installations

Miami, Fl   10/16/2015

In Lioher we believe that the key to success is the development of knowledge and training so we designed a training program aimed at professionals who are interested in knowing the benefits and applications of our products Syncron and Luxe, already recognized in the American market for its quality and its excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.

The training, conducted in Lioher own facilities, is focused on teaching and giving tools to the professional teams of our major customers so  they can pass on to their costumers technical information  and at the same time all the details and advantages of using our products.

An attentive audience, a pleasant environment and an exclusive product of exceptional quality that creates much competition among companies of this business, are present at our facilities and coexist in a space of creativity and development of new projects.

In this occasion we had a visit from the team of the successful company California Closets, in Pompano Beach. They joined us the afternoon of Thursday October 15th; the training was accompanied by a guided tour of our showroom as well as a tour of our factory, where they could see the production process and care of our doors.  At the end of this tour we received very good reviews from them.

In order to increase our sales Lioher welcomes to our business all   professionals and technicians wishing to acquire technical expertise in our products. We offer to designers, architects, manufacturers or distributors the experience and knowledge of our modern product with indisputable quality.


Lioher California-closet-training-e1445462443981 Successful training program at Lioher installations



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