Lioher IMG_3004 The Next Generation
June 30th, 2017

The Next Generation

Summer calls for Student Internships and  We have the responsibility to look after the next generations.

Steven is a 20 year Old Student currently studying Public Relations and Advertising in the University of Hartford. While his classmates chose to spending their time pool-side, soaking up the sun and perfecting their tans, he decided to  spend his summer in Lioher

“I wanted to do an internship at Lioher because although the product is already very popular in Europe and other regions of the world, it is a new product in the USA. From a business standpoint, it is very interesting to see the way will sell a product that is new and that I believe will continue to grow and become much more popular in this country. This type of opportunity does not come around every day, so I had to take it.”

Steven is currently immersed with the team at our Las Vegas factory  learning all the aspects of setting up a new factory and approaching new clients.

“I think that my client relationships skills will benefit Lioher and my experience in social media and creative advertising will also help market and establish the brand in the greater Las Vegas region.” – the student says

“My favorite part about Lioher so far are the people I have met. Everybody is so welcoming and always want to teach me something new. I have learned a lot about the product and how to manage clients in sales. While in Las Vegas, I have driven to many potential and existing clients which has allowed me to apply the marketing and sells tools that I have learned while studying at my university in the real world.  I really feel that more people need to know about Luxe products.”

Internship offers real-life work experience in a prospective career field and a stepping stone to good opportunities. Lioher, as a company, we have the commitment to put those opportunities on our young generations paths.


Lioher IMG_3005-768x1024 The Next Generation
Steven in our factory in Las Vegas

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