Lioher slider-2 Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz

Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz

Héctor Ruiz Velázquez

Contract Experience

“The box of desires, of illusions where colour has no specific home because it is up to the imagination to find the place truly desired, where aesthetic canons have no master, and each one of us glimpses what we really want to see.”

Exploring the ALVIC space touches the senses because it appeals to primal emotions, those that, as children, we drew on paper, with characters and constructions that were fictional yet believable, because they did not have to fit together or belong to a common language, except their own.

The space we live in should be like this, a games room that is wide open and full of light, that makes it possible to colour surfaces that, until now, have remained serious, sober, sad, and, in fact, rather unknown to us, because we have lost the urge to be creative in such spaces.

It should be a set of connected volumes that allow a journey through the daily life of a house, with flowing surfaces and some continuous planes that play with luminosity, and also some raised elements that scrupulously express an imaginative and groundbreaking treatment of colour, seeking to appeal to the imagination and the sensorial capacity of the visitor, extrapolating new and different colours and new application possibilities for the material of the brand. The application of bright colours and textures as a constructive resource offers, on the one hand, a new vision of wood as a suggestion of warmth, and, on the other, innovation in the material and its application.

The innovative functional aesthetics of the exhibition space and the corporate branding come together to become an objective prioritized, extrapolated and achieved.

Luxe y Syncron

Lioher LSC-curry Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz
Lioher LSC-berenjena Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz
Lioher LP-BLANCO-POLAR Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz
Lioher LSC-rojo Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz
Lioher LSC-negro Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz
Lioher SYNCRON-ANV-02-OAK-20X20 Contract Experience by Héctor Ruiz


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