The FLATTE doors, are the commonly known Slab or Flatt doors but made by LIOHER, with our technologies and warranty. The Flatte door provides a clean and minimal look to your designs. The Flatte door is edge banded on 4 sides with the matching edge tape. It is offered in all finishes LUXE, ZENIT and SYNCRON with 18mm thickness.

Optionally, the Flatte door can be edge banded with unicolor or dual color edge tape depending on the design. Also, you can upgrade the overall look with the sequence grain match for those finishes with grain.


High Gloss Finish Kitchen Doors with a Mirror Effect

LUXE panels - Blanco


LUXE panels - Blanco Polar

Blanco Polar



Gris Perla


Gris Nube 03


Gris plomo




Gris metallic


Azul Índigo

Cuzco Oro

Cuzco Copper

Textil Plata

Textil Grafito

Textil Oro


Euroline 3

Art Oak



Roble Frappé

Metallo 1

Metallo 2

Metallo 4

Oriental White

Oriental Black

Antracita Pearl Effect

LUXE panels - Blanco Colonial Pearl Effect

Blanco Colonial Pearl Effect

Basalto Pearl Effect

Cobalto Pearl Effect

Black Pearl Effect

LUXE panels - Laser Blanco

Laser Blanco


Supermatt Finish with silky touch

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Blanco

Supermatt Blanco

Supermatt Gris Perla

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Cashmere

Supermatt Cashmere

Supermatt Gris Nube

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Basalto

Supermatt Basalto

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Gris Plomo

Supermatt Gris Plomo

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Antracita

Supermatt Antracita

Supermatt Oriental Black

Supermatt Azul Índigo

Supermatt Oriental White

Supermatt Blanco Polar

Supermatt Agua Marina

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Black

Supermatt Black

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Basalto

MetalDeco Basalto SM

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Antracita

MetalDeco Antracita SM


Deep texture and natural finish

Ice 1

Ice 2

Ice 3

Ice 4

Evora 3

Evora 4

Ida 1

Ida 2

Ida 3

Ida 4

Olmo 1

Olmo 2

Olmo 3

Muratti 4

Muratti 1

Muratti 2

Muratti 3

Frappé 1

Frappé 2

Frappé 3

Oxid 1

Oxid 4

Blanco Solid Wood

Cashmere Solid Wood

Basalto Solid Wood

Gris Plomo Solid Wood

Antracita Solid Wood

Lakeland Oak 1

Lakeland Oak 2

Lakeland Oak 3

Nocce 1

Nocce 2

Nocce 3

Carolina Pine Rustik

Anniversary Oak 1

Anniversary Oak 2

Anniversary Oak 3

Art Oak 1

Art Oak 2

Art Oak 3

Art Oak 4

Como Ash 1

Como Ash 2

Como Ash 3