From the core of our product to the papers used, environmental consideration permeates every element. We utilized engineered materials like MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as well as particle board as an evolved alternative to hardwood resources. These engineered substrates utilize sustainable forestry, recycled wood, and sawmill by-products.

All engineered products we use are well below the permissible formaldehyde limits, meeting the US’s high standards. We exclusively source CARB2 93120 and TSCA title 6 materials, and materials are subject to permanent monitoring and contain neither pesticides nor insecticides. Industry standards and methods are maintained at every step of the process.

Lioher sustainability_products Sustainability


Our surface technologies feature thermofused laminates that emit some of the lowest VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the industry. Traditional wood coated with stains or varnish emits approximately 70% VOCs. Our finishes give peace of mind and make spaces safer with a 50-100% reduction of VOCs from these traditionally finished wood products.

Lioher sustainability_voc Sustainability
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