Lioher cava-logo-r CAVA®

Modern Tradition

The CAVA® is our Shaker style door. Constructed with a 8mm center panel and 18mm rails, it is offered in ZÉNIT and SYNCRON finishes and a variety of formats: 5, 7 and 9 pieces.

The CAVA® is the most suitable door for mixing both the traditional kitchen style, and the most modern technologies. The CAVA® doors are already finished and don’t need painting. With the CAVA® you can provide high end traditional solutions with a record improvement in costs, delivery time and execution timings.

Lioher zenit CAVA®


Lioher puertas_0024_Blanco-Zenit-5-pieces CAVA®


Lioher puertas_0023_Cashemire-5-pieces CAVA®


Lioher puertas_0025_Basalto-Zenit-5-pieces CAVA®


Lioher puertas_0026_Antracita-supermatte-5-pieces CAVA®


Lioher verde-salvia-cava CAVA®

Verde Salvia

Lioher azul-marino-cava CAVA®

Azul Marino

Lioher syncron-200x100 CAVA®


Lioher puertas_0019_Ida-1-5-pieces CAVA®

Ida 1

Lioher puertas_0018_Ida-2-5-pieces CAVA®

Ida 2

Lioher puertas_0017_Ida-3-5-pieces CAVA®

Ida 3

Lioher puertas_0016_Ida-4-5-pieces CAVA®

Ida 4

Lioher puertas_0011_Olmo-2-5-pieces CAVA®

Olmo 2

Lioher puertas_0010_Olmo-3-5-pieces CAVA®

Olmo 3

Lioher puertas_0012_Murati-4-5-pieces CAVA®

Muratti 4

Lioher puertas_0015_Murati-1-5-pieces CAVA®

Muratti 1

Lioher puertas_0014_Murati-2-5-pieces CAVA®

Muratti 2

Lioher puertas_0013_Murati-3-5-pieces CAVA®

Muratti 3

Lioher puertas_0022_Frape-1-5-pieces CAVA®

Frappé 1

Lioher puertas_0020_Frape-3-5-pieces CAVA®

Frappé 3

Lioher puertas_0005_cic05_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_ANV-01-OAK CAVA®

Anniversary Oak 1

Lioher puertas_0004_cic06_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_ANV-02-OAK CAVA®

Anniversary Oak 2

Lioher puertas_0003_cic07_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_ANV-03_OAK CAVA®

Anniversary Oak 3

Lioher puertas_0002_cic08_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_CA-01 CAVA®

Como Ash 1

Lioher puertas_0001_cic09_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_CA-02 CAVA®

Como Ash 2

Lioher puertas_0000_cic10_1085_quadro-syncron-registro_CA-03 CAVA®

Como Ash 3

Lioher nocce-1-cava CAVA®

Nocce 1

Lioher nocce-2-cava CAVA®

Nocce 2

Lioher nocce-3-cava CAVA®

Nocce 3

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