Lioher finger-pull FINGER PULL

Elegant & Ergonomic Design

The Finger pull design gives an exquisite clean look to your Kitchen, wardrobe or vanities designs.

The FINGER PULL, is a “J” profile door with a color matching soft forming edge band. For a better ergonomics, the door is made in a thicker 22mm (7/8’’) which overall provides a very distinctive natural and modern effect.

The Finger pull collection is available in curated selection of designs in LUXE, ZENIT and SYNCRON.

Lioher foto-fingerpull FINGER PULL
Lioher Antracita-HG-200x200 FINGER PULL

Luxe Antracita

Lioher Antracita-SM-200x200 FINGER PULL

Zenit Antracita

Lioher Blanco-SM-200x200 FINGER PULL

Zenit Blanco SM

Lioher Blanco-HG-200x200 FINGER PULL

Luxe Blanco HG

Lioher Nocce-01-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Nocce 1

Lioher Nocce-03-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Nocce 3

Lioher Muratti-01-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Muratti 1

Lioher Muratti-04-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Muratti 4

Lioher Como-Ash-1-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Como Ash 1

Lioher Como-Ash-2-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Como Ash 2

Lioher Rosales-02-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Rosales 2

Lioher Rosales-03-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Rosales 3

Lioher FP-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Woodline 1

Lioher Woodline-03-200x200 FINGER PULL

Syncron Woodline 2

Lioher Black-SM-200x200 FINGER PULL

Zenit Black SM


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