Discontinuous monumentality by Alvic

Sectioning the architecture

To question the tools which legitimize the art history. That is the creative strategy of sculptor Antonio Fernández Alvira, a discourse with which the artist from Huesca has developed a trajectory around the aesthetics of lightness and the poetics of the ephemeral, invariably including elements unsettling for the viewer. His works are a sculptural investigation of the idea of hollowness and emptiness, through shapes which invade the space, developed on a minimalistic vision of architecture.

With “Discontinuous monumentality” the artist takes a step forward in his creative process and invites viewers to rethink geometrical logic within art. More than a sculptural structure, this work of art is a discontinuous device, almost aerial; a classic building reduced to pure lines. All in a carefully planned chromatic order which marks the inner/outer scenography of this walk-through monument, radically light and brutally minimalist.

Luxe Plus, Luxe, Zénit y Syncron

ZENIT panels - Supermatt Oriental White