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Loft ALVIC Smart Home

When the essence of space is movement that flows, voids at height and the contrast of planes in the full extension of the three coordinate axes, a new concept of habitability is generated and a smart home concept emerges in a project by ALVIC with the architecture studio of Héctor Ruiz Velázquez.

This new home concept maximizes usability, taking ALVIC’s materials performance to the limit, creating a type of constructive use totally outside of decorative stereotypes and conventions.

The project structures the space with three dimensionality, width, length and especially height, one of the least used coordinates in the design of homes, and the challenge is clear from the few available metres of the project’s plan.

The goals of the design are a space without limits, free from classic compartmentalization in horizontal rooms, thus treating the project as a three-dimensional object, where each point of the home can be located by specifying coordinate axes.

In essence, it is a simple formulation between planes, or rather complex planes that formulate a simple relationship. This prolonged continuity, without obvious cuts but with aerial juxtapositions of empty and full blocks, is possible thanks to the use of a multifunctional coating material that can connect rooms needing diverse functions and utilities. The material brings everything together, bursting from one plane to another while faithful to the theme and creative design that the architect has imagined.

The success of this project is the amplitude of functions and perspectives in a very limited floor plan, a modern version of living and lounging where movement flows and interest invites you to explore the space in surprising and dynamic ways. This type of spatial arrangement enhances flexibility, movement and physical activity within a home.

The central material of the project is the wood of the prestigious firm ALVIC, dedicated to the manufacture of panels and components and revealing the immense possibilities of transformation and flexibility that can be offered to a home. The result is a magical atmosphere that embraces the senses and allows new insights much closer to our own nature than can be achieved in traditional houses.

Constructively, it is a sustainable design, a model of constructive eco-design, systematized and articulated in a smart way, according to the needs of our times, a space built in a modular and fully adaptable way that can perfectly adapt in scale and form.

Photography: Nacho Uribe Salazar · CASA DECOR OFFICIAL 2019

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