Lioher slider-2 Olivar 8 by Welcome Design

Olivar 8

Welcome Design

GRUPO ALVIC presented its 2019 collection at Espacio Olivar 8 of the prestigious interior design firm Welcome Design, a strategic enclave in the Madrid area of Tirso de Molina-Huertas-Lavapiés, one of the most vibrant and dynamic cultural areas in Madrid’s centre bringing together the worlds of art and design.

The objective of this centre, planned with Welcome Design, is that influencers can get to see the product and know its characteristics.

For Alvic Group, the Welcome Design space will serve to meet with clients to show them first-hand products such as Zenit by Alvic, Syncron and Luxe by Alvic.


Lioher SYNCRON-RT-IDA-01 Olivar 8 by Welcome Design
Lioher SYNCRON-MU-001-URB Olivar 8 by Welcome Design
Lioher SYNCRON-OLM-003-MR Olivar 8 by Welcome Design


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