The New America’s Home 2019

The New American Home 2019 was presented by The National Association of Home Builders and the Leading Supplier Council members to showcase the technological advancements the housing industry has to offer. This 8,226 sq. ft. showhome, designed and constructed in Henderson, Nevada, was distinguished by incorporating a wide variety of contemporary-modern design, characterized by minimal decoration, abundant glass and flat rooflines.

The luxury-home community of Ascaya presented the ideal location to exhibit innovation in technology and design. Industry professionals where able to view the outdoor transitional entertainment including a vanishing edge pool and a custom fireplace. The New American Home 2019 was the 36th edition in a series of exhibition homes that showcase innovation in technology and efficiency.

The master bedroom mini-kitchen, was made with our LUXE high gloss lacquered surface, with the Cuzco Royal Gold design. This design provided a high end touch which was highlighted with chromed handles.

The massive kitchen was a skillfull combination between a working and a social kitchen, with 2 islands and an extensive working area. The surface selected was the LUXE High gloss lacquered surface, with the “blanco” solid color and the “Euroline 03” design.

The garage Kitchen was made with the LUXE High gloss lacquered finish, with the “Rojo” and “Basalto” solid colors. This combination was purposefully chosen to give an impactful look.

The office proposed a beautiful yet functional table design. Both the table and wall paneling were made using our SYNCRON texture surface, with the “Roble Frappe” finish for doors, sides and drawers.

The laundry room was made with the LUXE High gloss lacquered finish and with the “Textil plata” design, providing a professional yet beautiful look for the work space.

The custom vanity of the master bedroom was made with the LUXE High gloss lacquered finish, and was selected the “olmo” design for the doors and drawer fronts.

Luxe & Syncron

LUXE panels - Textil Plata
LUXE panels - Olmo
LUXE panels - Cuzco Royal Gold
LUXE panels - Blanco
LUXE panels - Euroline 3
LUXE panels - Rojo
LUXE panels - Basalto Pearl Effect
SYNCRON panels - Frappé 3