Lioher CSLAB-TOP-1-scaled Compact Slab
Lioher CSLAB-TOP-2-scaled Compact Slab
Lioher LOGO-CSLAP Compact Slab


The Compact Slab collection features slim, sleek, and elegant surfaces with advanced structural characteristics for performance that exceeds natural stone. Highly renewable, climate positive materials bring modern countertop style with beauty and benefits in every application.

Compact Slab can be fabricated simply with woodworking tools taking the expense and complication of third party countertop fabricators out of the equation.

Compact Surfaces are 12.5 mm (½”) thick with a solid core appearance that shows the slim edge in a neutral color complementary to the face.

Lioher lumin-1-880x810 Compact Slab
Lioher minigal-2-880x810 Compact Slab
Lioher minigal-4 Compact Slab
Lioher minigal-3-880x810 Compact Slab


  • Lioher cicon-1 Compact Slab
    Carbon neutral. Produced under a system that measures, controls and balances emissions. We compensate our footprint and favor the environment.
  • Lioher cicon-2 Compact Slab
    High resistance to impact.
  • Lioher cicon-3 Compact Slab
    High wear resistance.
  • Lioher cicon-8 Compact Slab
    Easy to clean with all kinds of non-abrasive liquid detergents, disinfectants and solvents commonly used.
  • Lioher cicon-4 Compact Slab
    Stain resistant.
  • Lioher cicon-7 Compact Slab
    Non-porous material, preventing the development of fungi, bad odors or moss on the surface.
  • Lioher cicon-9 Compact Slab
    It is easily assembled with all bases of different materials, using inserted screws to get a mechanical fix, or by using adhesives.
  • Lioher cicon-6 Compact Slab
    Removes up to 99,7% of viruses and bacteria in 24 hours.
  • Lioher cicon-5 Compact Slab
    Resistant to high temperatures.

This is CompactSlab

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