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March 11th, 2024

Introducing Lioher’s 2024 New Releases

The Lioher team is very excited to introduce our newest finishes for 2024. The new collections provide a variety of styles & looks that keep up with current trends in kitchen and bathroom design alike. Inspired by natural stones, woods and bold colors, our new collections will make any project a showstopper. Contact us to set up an appointment to see the products at your local Lioher Center today!

Finishes that emulate natural wood - Picasso Collection

Introducing Lioher’s newest woodgrain Picasso collection into your kitchen, bathroom, or common area can effortlessly infuse warmth, sophistication, and a touch of nature into your surroundings. Whether you opt for rich, dark tones like the Picasso 3, which is available in high gloss and textured finishes, to create a cozy ambiance or choose lighter hues for a more airy and modern feel like Picasso 1 or Picasso 2, woodgrain finishes provide a timeless aesthetic that complements a variety of design styles. In the kitchen, wooden cabinets or countertops add a rustic charm, while in the bathroom, woodgrain elements can evoke a spa-like tranquility. In an office space or common area, incorporating wood grain finishes can promote a harmonious and inviting atmosphere, fostering productivity and creativity. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, woodgrain finishes also offer durability and versatility, making them an excellent choice for creating a welcoming and visually appealing environment in any room.

Bold Design using Pastel Colors - Reeded Collection & Agave, Sky, Petal finishes

Incorporating pastel colors into kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms can effortlessly infuse these spaces with a sense of tranquility and timeless elegance. The soft, muted tones of pastels, such as gentle blues, muted greens, and delicate pinks, create a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and comfort. When applied to kitchen cabinets, pastel hues can brighten the space, making it feel airy and inviting. In bathrooms, pastel-colored cabinetry complements the often serene nature of these areas, fostering a spa-like ambiance. Lioher’s new Reeded Collection gives our clients the flexibility of adding subtle but bold color into their spaces. The design of the collection is also a great way to add texture to kitchen cabinets, a closet or a bathroom vanity. The subtle and sophisticated palette of Lioher’s newest woodgrain pastel collections including the Sky, Petal & Agave finishes also allows for versatile design choices, effortlessly blending with various styles, from modern to vintage. Whether through a subtle hint or a bolder statement, the use of pastel colors in kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms transforms these functional spaces into aesthetically pleasing retreats, where daily routines are elevated by a touch of gentle sophistication.

Add a Stone look to your next project for less

Embracing stone-look finishes in your home design elevates the aesthetic to a level of sophistication in your space. Whether you choose quartz, or marble-inspired surfaces the result is a luxurious and durable ambiance that effortlessly blends with various design styles. The newest stone inspired collections by Lioher offer homeowners and professionals a variety of designs including the Calacatta-inspired Bernini collection as well as the quartz inspired Nuvola & Siena collections that add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom without the high price tag. Using stone-look finishes in your bathroom can help create a spa-like retreat, adding a touch of natural beauty and tranquility. The versatility of stone-look finishes extends to their compatibility with both contemporary and classic designs such as the Verde Nosta & Tierra Nosta, making them a versatile choice to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and value of your living spaces. Request samples of all the new products here. 

Bringing the Industrial Look To Your Home Design

Opting for a brushed concrete look in your cabinets introduces a distinctive and industrial-chic vibe, transforming your living spaces into modern sanctuaries. Our latest Brush Concrete collection combines the raw, urban aesthetic of concrete with a tactile and refined finish. The brushed texture not only adds depth and visual interest but also imparts a sense of authenticity, mimicking the tactile qualities of concrete surfaces.

Finger Pull & Floating Shelves

Finger pull cabinet doors and floating shelves are a dynamic duo in contemporary interior design, seamlessly blending functionality with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The absence of traditional handles on finger pull cabinet doors not only contributes to a streamlined and modern look but also enhances ease of use. This design choice allows for a clean, uninterrupted surface, emphasizing the beauty of the cabinetry itself. Finger pull cabinet doors are now available in 16 different finishes. Paired with floating shelves, the combination imparts an open and airy feel to any space, making it especially well-suited for kitchens and living areas. Floating shelves, with their illusion of weightlessness, provide a perfect platform to display decor or store everyday items, contributing to a sense of organized simplicity. Together, finger pull cabinet doors and floating shelves create a contemporary and uncluttered environment, showcasing a harmonious blend of form and function.

Nothing beats experiencing Lioher’s latest collections than seeing them in person. Stop by or schedule a visit with your local Lioher Center. Samples of the new collections are also available to be shipped to you. Contact us today!

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