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Lioher r3supra-1 COUNTERTOPS

Design and durability

The R3 SUPRA countertops are produced with the highest standard for kitchen daily use. Made with moisture resistance core and a postformed laminate featuring a 3mm radius. The R3 SUPRA is offered in a curated design range that combine perfectly with the rest of our door finishes and designs and can be applied in any style: classic, rustic, or modern.

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Lioher supra-resistencia-abrasion-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Abrasion resistance

Lioher supra-resistencia-calor-seco-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Resistance to dry heat 180º

Lioher supra-resistencia-calor-humedo-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Resistance to humid heat

Lioher supra-alta-resistencia-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

High surface resistance

Lioher supra-facil-limpieza-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Lioher supra-resistencia-vapor-agua-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Resistance to water vapor

Lioher supra-resistencia-impacto-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Impact resistence

Lioher supra-resistencia-manchado-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Resistance to stains

Lioher supra-larga-durabilidad-84x84 COUNTERTOPS

Long durability



Technical Specifications
R3 Supra

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